Tornem a La Finestra

Amb molt de gust farem un segon concert a La Finestra aquest diumenge 31 de Juliol. Serà una de les últimes actuacions al local de Baixada de Viladecols, abans que La Finestra es trasllada a l’Ateneu del Raval a Carrer Reina Amalia.


Sempre ens passem molt bé tocant aquí, amb un públic entregat, i un amfitrió dels millors.

We couldn’t resist playing here one last time, and we look forward to playing at the new La Finestra some time in the future.

Top secret concert, 26th July

A strange and beautiful temporary sculpture has appeared in Plaça de la Merce. It includes a ready-made stage, complete with flowers, and who are we not to take advantage of an opportunity like that?


So we’re giving a super special, top secret concert on said stage, at 21h on Saturday the 26th of July. Consider yourself invited, and feel free to bring a friend. We’ll pass round a hat after the performance.


Photo: Sergio Xarrié


We’d love to see you there!